Professional technology services

We meet your company’s IT needs by developing and maintaining applications.

Specialized in recruiting talent

The basis for our model is the team, and we focus on recruiting highly specialized profiles.

About us

VASS IT is a company founded in 2006, specialized in the efficient provision of Professional Information Technology and Communications Services to large companies, consultants and members of the technology sector, both in person and through our production centers.

InnovationWe constantly strive to go off the beaten path, with new technologies and methods that add greater value to our commercial offer.

CommitmentOur main goal is to meet our customers’ needs by offering the best experience with the service provided.

AgilityWe are aware of the market’s demands, so speed, flexibility and quality are intrinsic values in our working method.

TalentWhat makes the difference for a service company is the team, having talented people, and that is where our fundamental value lies.


Our application development and maintenance services will allow you to efficiently meet your company's IT needs. We employ three service provision models, from being present at the customer's offices (OnSite) to full off-site services (OffSite) and hybrid approaches.

Software FactoryApplication of industrialization processes for the development of projects, helping to improve our clients’ operating margin.

On siteWe select the best professionals for the project that will be carried out at the client's premises.

Hybrids modelsOne part of the team works at our clients’ facilities and the other part works externally, allowing us to leverage the capabilities of our production center.

Qualified technological resources

We provide companies with highly qualified professionals. Recruiting isn’t easy, due to candidate scarcity and market competition. We are experts at finding talented professionals who are highly specialized in traditional technologies like SAP, .NET, Cobol, Java, etc. as well as less common technologies.


VASSIT has access to an extremely competitive market niche in which experience is a very important factor when providing our clients with the best resources.

  • Agility
  • Specialization
  • Cost reduction

Join our team

At VASSIT, we are constantly looking for professionals interested in joining our young, dynamic and fast-growing team to develop a strong professional career with us.

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