About VASS

We help our customers adapt to the changing digital world by getting your business objectives and competitive advantages over the competition.

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VASS “Value Added Solutions and Services”.

VASS Group comprises six companies in Spain and five across international technology hubs, which cover our complete service catalogue. In 2011 the group employed more than 1,000, this year we anticipate an annual turnover approaching €52 Million.

Varius technological innovation companies make up the VASS Group: Below is a "snapshot" of how VASS global footprint.

*After selling Conasa

In 2006 we started specializing in basic IT Systems Management.

n 1998 our Technology Division established VASS Dedicated Digital Marketing.

Consolidation of VASSSoftware Development & Alignment of Industry Specific Products

Offering Value Shore ® Services in the UK and USA.

In 2010 VASS established operational presence in Central and Latin America.