About VASS

VASS is a leading Spanish consultant in a 100% private equity digital solutions. Our motto is "the value of making it simple" and this is our essence and the key to the success of our business model.

We help our clients transform opportunities into business.

We make decisions 8 hours before the rest.

We make decisions 8 hours in advance. Our internal structure is practically flat. Our management is at the service of our customers as well as the entire VASS team and we make decisions in an agile manner.

Our results depend on customer satisfaction.

At VASS customer satisfaction is our global objective, to infinity and beyond.

76 technologies, one way to tell.

We separate complexity from technology. We are specialists in 76 technological areas, from Salesforce to Liferay, Clarive or Angular JS, but we only know one way to count them, the simple one.

2,000 talent stories

We have over 2,000 stories of talent. Each one of us aims to provide value to our customers. We care for the recruitment and retention of talent to ensure continuity and expertise of our collaborators. In 8 countries, where we incorporate the best talent every day.


12 startups in our Innovation Depot. 50 solutions conceptualizations. 253 active listeners that allow us understand what is happening, to help our clients know the latest technologies firsthand.