Business Solutions

We accompany our clients to enable business solutions. Technology aligns and contributes to business
  • Public Sector

    VASS contribute to public sectore fficiency and cost savings across their operations We provide Solutions for interactive crowd sourcing and citizen participation initiatives and transparency VASS contribute with specific solutions around Employment and Health, and helping society. We have avaried portfolio of solutions that enable the SmartCity
  • Industry

    We bring expertise and business Solutions in the following areas: Automation: In operations, internally or in the market, paticularly in documentation. CustomerApproach: Solutionsto listen and promote customer loyalty, supporting increased profit Regulatory environment: Across subsectorssuch as pharmaceutical sorengineering standards.
  • Telco

    Our solutions in Telecommunications are in linewiththe major concernsof the sector: Revenue. Actions to improveand maximize ARPU and marketing. Operations. Fraud management Solutions and operation optimisation. B2B. Initiatives for collaboration and efficiency in the value network.
  • Banking and Insurance

    VASS Bankingand Insurance Solutions are focused around Operational efficiency. This includes fraud management and cost savings across operations and marketing. VASS’s customer approach is specific, to attract,retainandlisten to the customer. VASS work within regulatory frameworks including FATCA and MiFIDamongst others.