Banking and Insurance

VASS Bankingand Insurance Solutions are focused around Operational efficiency. This includes fraud management and cost savings across operations and marketing. VASS’s customer approach is specific, to attract,retainandlisten to the customer. VASS work within regulatory frameworks including FATCA and MiFIDamongst others.

FRAUD MANAGEMENT SAFTEYSaving costs and increasing profitability and performance in real time, identifying and managing the different sources offraud

Efficiency SCANNED SIGNATUREPromoting the Paperless Office, whilst still focusing on compliance
At the same time we improveuser experience, and procurement cost

GEMMobility, Self, Immediacy
Platform forattracting and retaining customers in aprofitable channel.

TFINANCIAL TERMINAL Integration, Usability, Homogeneity
Management of bank branches from a single environment.

ACCEPTANCE OF CONTRACT DIGITAL Efficiency, Cost Savings, Increased Revenue
Increases the rate of hiring your online sales channels(CallCenter and Web)

FATCARules, Time To Market,Transparency
Comprehensive solution for adaptation to FACTA regulations.

MiFiDConsulting, Quality, Sincerity
Quality counselling servicein the recruitment of financial products.

HOST DOWNSIZINGPerformance, Visibility, Optimization cost
SavingMips, migrating upthe host

ECOSYSTEM CLARIVEIT Efficiency, Cost Savings, Reporting
Automation, integration and visibility in the delivery, development and testing of software.