We bring expertise and business Solutions in the following areas: Automation: In operations, internally or in the market, paticularly in documentation. CustomerApproach: Solutionsto listen and promote customer loyalty, supporting increased profit Regulatory environment: Across subsectorssuch as pharmaceutical sorengineering standards.

Efficiency SCANNED SIGNATURE sale, Paperless Office, Compliance
Improvesuser experience and procurement cost at the point of sale

GEM Mobility, Self, Immediacy
Platform for attracting and retaining customers in aprofitable channel

PERSONAL SHOPPER Accompaniment, Cost Savings, Personalisation
Maximizing customer satisfaction and experience with stock planning

Docs4SAP Operational efficiency, Scanning, Risk Reduction
Integratedand contextualized Document Management for SAP users

DOCUMENTARY OF DRUG RULES:Traceability, Legislation, Standardization
Increases the rate of use of your sales channels

ECOSYSTEM CLARIVE IT Efficiency, Cost Savings, Reporting
Automation, integration and visibility in the delivery, development and testing of software.