Public Sector

VASS contribute to public sectore fficiency and cost savings across their operations We provide Solutions for interactive crowd sourcing and citizen participation initiatives and transparency VASS contribute with specific solutions around Employment and Health, and helping society. We have avaried portfolio of solutions that enable the SmartCity

SMART CITIES Service, Efficiency, Government
Government Solutions Portfolio, Services, Civic Engagement and Mobility

SCANNED SIGNATURE Fraud Control, Optimization sale,Paperless Office
Improvesuser experience in procurement cost savings at the point of sale

GEM Mobility, Self, Immediacy
Platform for attracting and retaining customers in aprofitable channel.

MANAGEMENT JOBS: Efficiency, Job Creation, Employability
Comprehensive solution PES

UCIS MANAGEMENT Mobility, Security Clinic, Real time monitoring
Reduces and minimizes medication incidents, intervention and cost

DOMICILIARY THERAPY MANAGEMENT SERVICES Community, Visibility, Management Dynamics
Solutiont connect physicians, patients, public health services and suppliers

Standardization of medical practice that allows the physician to design/ modify their protocols

ECOSYSTEM CLARIVE IT Efficiency, Cost Savings, Reporting
Automation, integration and visibility in the delivery, development and testing of software.