Our solutions in Telecommunications are in linewiththe major concernsof the sector: Revenue. Actions to improveand maximize ARPU and marketing. Operations. Fraud management Solutions and operation optimisation. B2B. Initiatives for collaboration and efficiency in the value network.

FRAUD MANAGEMENT Safety, SavingCosts, Profitability
Mitigation contracting fraud phishing Efficiency

SCANNED SIGNATUREsale, Paperless Office, Compliance
Improvesuser experiencein procurement cost savings at the point of sale.

GEM:Mobility, Self, Immediacy
Platform for attracting and retaining customers in aprofitable channel.

ACCEPTANCE OF CONTRACT DIGITALEfficiency, Cost Savings, Increased Revenue
Increases the rate of hiring of your online sales channels (Call Center and Web)

ROAMING CONTRACT MANAGEMENT Standards, Time to market, packetization
Standards, Time to market, packetization

SIMFONICSmanagement, Out the box, Time to market
Comprehensive and integrated platform management of Mobile Virtual Services (MVNO's)

ECOSYSTEM CLARIVEEfficiency, Cost Savings, Reporting
Automation, integration and visibility in the delivery, development and testing ofsoftware.