New website of the Senate of Spain

The Senate has tried with its new website to promote communication and transparency of the work performed by the Senators, Parliamentary Groups and Organs of the House.
Nueva Web del Senado de España


  • Providing a reliable, comprehensive and updated of the activities and functions that take place in the House, ensuring the quality, interoperability and data reuse.
  • Bringing the public institution, for which there has been a considerable effort aimed at presenting in an understandable and attractive Senate activity, and to facilitate access to the services the Chamber offers.
  • Facilitate the participation of citizens, for which purpose are made available communication channels (blogs, social networks, personal websites and form sending messages to senators and commissions) that senators and parliamentary groups activate and maintain deem appropriate.

The information is divided into four main sections: parliamentary activity, composition and organization, knowing the Senate and relations with the public, for which you navigate from the home page, with presentations of information easy to understand and with plenty of graphics and simple navigation structure.


The design was not homogeneous across the web and had fallen out of step with portals today.

There was no integration with social networks and Web 2.0 features.


The new site uses, additionto content management software Oracle UCM, two sets of programs: JSP's (Java J2EE) developed by VASS and PL / SQL packages developed by the Senate, to access the information stored in their databases. This complex system has required a lot of coordination in the work undertaken by the contractor and the technicians of the Senate.

Using UCM (Oracle WebCenter) has allowed the officials of various departments of the Senate are able to maintain the contents of the Web to date. Decentralizing and updating them and getting more dynamic role in informing the citizen.


It has managed to involve all departments that expose information to citizens to contribute their own content in a manner befitting the new design.

VASS conducted both web development and installation of the platform that supports it. During the first day of life was able to support 65,000 visitors, with access to 270,000 pages. Once the initial settings required, the system has since undergone significant mishaps, demonstrating the reliability of the infrastructure to be raised.

"The web has the goal to be a direct and active communication between parliamentarians and society and seeks to channel and encouraging citizen participation and the senators are in the service of society" Pio Garcia Escudero, President of the Senate