RUMBO: Betting new technologies and agile methodologies

VASS teams that have landed on different teams Bearing, Front Office and BackOffice both have had to work with different technologies and methodologies Rumbo given the interest in applying the latest technologies and the way to their latest versions. From using Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Maven, XMLBeans, JiBX, Oracle and Java.

Project Objectives

The objectives to follow are:

Migration of technologies for the ultimate

Integration of the latest versions existing

Introduction of new and better business values

Automating tools to increase online sales

Using a larger number of suppliers of products and services

Usability for external clients and internal projects in communication and faster and more efficient results

Add more economic value in business flows


Flights were in operation with a webservice using parsing technology and data communication providers and Axis HTTP persistent connection 1. It sought to improve these technologies and reshape the Webservice API in order to get closer to and achieve standards gradually gain more weight in business.

  In Backoffice improve the functionality of fraud, involving less casuistic to treat and therefore increase the prevention of fraudulent customers. Also reduce the manual burden had the IT Call Center or from Mako FrontOffice for which the upgrade process, workflows, etc, has increasingly been automated.

How do we carry out the solution?

Technology is improved using xmlbeans and JiBX, over the latest versions of Spring and Maven and use of a domain model to make more robust and effective parsing a standardized API to international OTA model. He has also composed a large number of suppliers to increase business value.
Have been improved workflows and team management, refactoring parts of the application with very old and unreadable code for staff was entering back into the company.

What have we achieved?

Apart from the performance is delivering more value to the application appearing in metasearch and internal projects as Flight + Hotel Rumbo, which uses the webservice flights and hotels.

Working Mako (BackOffice) along with the aerial part (Front Office) have been implemented continuous improvement business impacting company earnings positively. With refactoring of the application has ensured greater understanding of it by the other team members, knowledge of the processes was very focused on certain persons and ensure their subsequent maintenance.