SEGITTUR - Ministry of Culture

The Digital Content Forum (FICOD) recognizes the project carried out for the Ministry of Culture of the State Society for Innovation Management and Tourism Technologies, SA (SEGITTUR) VASS collaboration with awarding the first prize in the category of Best Citizen Service Project Portal promotion to Cultures of Spain.

Project Objectives

The portal-Spain Spain's Culture is Culture, aims to promote and disseminate the cultural offerings of our country from citizens within and outside Spain. It is also an essential tool to support traders whose business revolves around Spanish culture. Its innovative technology allows you to customize the information and interact with multiple cultural resources through different tools that enrich your browsing.

How do we carry out the solution?

The team of VASS SEGITTUR and designed and developed the search and seizure of information technology portal Lucene - Solr facilitating the inclusion of more than 100 portals and external sources of cultural information interact and enrich the contents of the portal itself.

What have we achieved?

It was possible to successfully implementing a search platform heterogeneous information from both the portal itself "Spain is culture" of the Ministry of Culture, as external portals belonging to different regions.

In this way gave the site a content ratio tool that complements the content of the website and enriching them with external information to be cleared of intelligent queries allow dynamic content generation to meet evolving content.