Service Maintenance and evolution of corporate portals FCC

The maintenance and evolution has been responsible for more than a year to manage, develop and evolve FCC.les group portals FCC Group.
Mantenimiento y evolución de los portales corporativos de FCC


This technology is included in Oracle WebCenter Content product whose purpose is to perform content management tasks.

Portals built on this technology are ideal for companies that want to decentralize IT departments to constantly update the information posted on their websites.

FCC opted for this technology and its first phase was built several portals in the technology that showed an image and corporate design business despite being very different from each other.

Our objectives are:

  • Manage the process of developing a portal from the beginning of its construction until it is in production.
  • Streamline the various steps of implementation of a new website in a technology unknown to the client.
  • Evolve portals and the quality of your code to be more stable, faster and with higher user capacity.
  • Build new portals with the experience and knowledge acquired.
  • Managing WebCenter infrastructure resources to accommodate all portals without degrading response times.


In the initial phase, VASS was responsible for the management and maintenance of existing portals.

After identifying all the parts involved, both technological and physical, really began maintenance activities of the portals.


Thanks to the composition of a working group with high skills in technology (100% of the equipment is certified in Oracle WebCenter technology) and high involvement by the team with the client, we have obtained the expected results for the group FCC.

While these tasks are executed maintenance analysis and were running different evolutionary and / or new portals to reach the figure of 23
production portals today.

Currently, the team consists of 4 people that the project is taking care of maintaining production portals, as well as attending to the diverse needs of business that provide the various group companies FCC and want to see reflected in its public Web.


FCC has created a corporate image that is spreading to the various group companies through the development of these new sites developed in Oracle WebCenter technology.

Various configurations have been implemented to various departments that work with new websites, and these today able autonomously maintain most updates on their own websites.

Thanks to the work code analysis has gained greater stability in the infrastructure to support websites.

VASS is a reference for the development, implementation and management of all technology-based webs Oracle WebCenter Content.