Ecommerce solutions

Ecommerce solutions that offer customization, cross-selling and integration with analytical systems logistics or offline channels are vital for achieving sales targets.

VASS offer global ecommerce solutions with integration of business processes to enable a single view of the business,which can be analysed by both channels and devices.

Catalog management Complete management of the product catalog from the data required to have a good product tab, to options for cross selling and up selling.

Managing Campaigns and promotions

Offers the functionality to create coupons on products, global campaign programmes, flash or groups of customers, and a custom price schedules.

Inventory Management

Provides the ability to perform queries, adjustments, review quantities available, reserved and requested to give an overview of stock.

Managing Customers and Orders

Enables a complete customer view, managing from the backend, customer modification of customer orders and management of returns.

Reports and analytics

Periodic reports on orders (pending, future, returned, blocked), use of the store, sales, customers and inventory.


Gives the ability to perform queries, adjustments, find quantities available, reserved and requested to give an overview of stock.


Choosing different types of segmentation from data including purchase history, geographical location, family status. Furthermore enhancing the browsing experience to ensure effective cross selling.

Integration with other systems

Ecommerce platforms must be integrated with business systems for a cohesive global business. Our experience with integrations include ERP, CRM, BI and we will integrate with any other system required for your business.