Microsoft Solutions

Solutions to increase productivity, improve customer management and collaboration among employees

VASS employ more than 50 experts in Microsoft solutions and our certification as a Gold Partner support our experience and knowledge in using Microsoft solutions to achieve the objectives of our clients. Our expertise covers:


For a complete view of the status of business processes

Integration with heterogeneous systems and connecting systems between different organisations
Facilitation of communication between different kinds of software and the creation and implementation of processes, whilst allowing monitoring of running processes thanks to the BAM tool
This achieves a single view of processes, avoids duplication, streamlines the creation of process and protects against impacts of change

Microsoft Sharepoint

A platform focused on collaboration

Enables organisations to improve productivity by facilitating knowledge sharing through quick access and a unified and efficient content portal
Also allows for automation of processes and custom portals based on our knowledge of Visual Studio. Net

Microsoft Dynamics

A complete solution for managing relationship with customers

Enables a global view of customers, offering products in the channel and timing are key factors to run and manage a sales strategy
Microsoft Dynamics offers360 degree vision for increasing customer productivity through process automation, office product integration and effective access to information through reports

Microsoft SQL Server

VASS emphasize the importance of proper data storage

Microsoft SQL Server provides secure and reliable storage and business intelligence capabilities to harness data and have a complete view of business objectives It enables management of business data and provides the ability to store data effeciently to help make business decisions