The industrial fabric is vital to every country where VASS is present, and this is what makes it a focal point for us. The Digital Transformation has been led and is in the phase of advanced maturity in large portions of the industrial sectors, such as Retail, Tourism or Auto-motion.

The industry is transforming and VASS is evolving in line with it by putting the brands ecosystem within the framework of servicing the various needs that different sectors require:

  • Digital Strategy. From Nateevo, we work on designing decision maps for customized purchasing, ‘Phygitla’ experiences that contextualize and move clients to the point of purchase, from the awareness, through actions of Branding and a service of Digital Marketing that promotes positioning, creating trafficking and inbound marketing. We are experts in understanding your clients, designing and implementing ‘journeys’ that awaken the ‘wow’ factor, in designing and giving value to Digital Marketing strategies that aim to provide an excellent service. In addition, we are experts in anticipating technology and its needs so that your projects can be attainable and to bump-free.
  • Innovation. IA, Chatbots, GDPR, Blockchain and other tendencies are increasingly appearing to the scene. We evolve with the changing tendencies towards specific and real value for various industries. Virtual purchasing assistants, RPA for operational efficiency, planning initiatives that generate benefits as well as complying with GDPR or any other cases involving using and applying Blockchain for supply chains, service ecosystems or payments. These are examples of a constantly updated portfolio of tangible solutions for the most recent tendencies.
  • Full Commerce. Our VDShop business is a specialist in Full Commerce, the concept of eCommerce provided with a full service. We make marketplaces a reality, aligned with the business, and we include thousands of our own references and manage the focus on the process for a model that is in line with the generation of the business. For those cases in which the decision is a property platform, in addition to eCommerce specialists, we advise and implement platform principles for the market, cloud or ‘on premise’.
  • Employee Xperience. It is the ‘Phygitial’ context where digital channels work together with physical channels, the ‘engagement’ of the employee, the management of the moment of truth, training and available information or tools that make the difference, either for sale or in service to the client. Gamified training, Digital Workspace or ‘Employee Service Delivery’ are some of the elements that increase capacities for people in our organizations.
  • Application platforms. We accelerate business cases through our ‘cloud’ platforms and the rapid building of autonomous and versatile applications, tracking and automatizing processes that can be access from any location and device.
  • Technology & Cloud. The answer to business needs, sustainability, TCO and security are our pillars. We guide, advise and help our clients grow with their <Italic>cloud</Italic> management, governing and security. We advise on technology platforms, tendencies, TCO costs, modernization and migrating technologies. We implement dozens of technologies and solutions, <Italic>front, middle and back</Italic> with multiple cases for success for the various sectors of the industrial fabric of each country.
  • Today, in addition to safety, we talk about resilience and prevention that continue to be a pillar and we prepare for recovery in the face of any attack, which is the goal that we are working on with our clients.
  • Efficient production. VASSXtreme is an efficient operational model (‘<Italic>lean</Italic>’) that is completely focused on initiating the production of MVP (Minimum Viable Production) in minimal times up to near-shore services and factories from our SerbatiC business, which allows our clients to accelerate production, services and projects.