The basis of our work are the people, talent and the ability to generate it. That special and innovative talent that provides added value to our company and what makes us different.

Job offers



If you want to get started in the world of consulting in the hands of the best professionals, but still do not have experience, VASS is your best choice.

In a team of highly talented professionals have the opportunity to work practices while you finish your degree / training cycle / run.

Think VASS as first job if you want a great working environment and training from day one, a whole career ahead to develop!

Based on your interests and knowledge can participate in projects with leading technologies in the market, in our careers (development, consulting, systems, ...) without forgetting the international projects if you have high level languages.

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If you are interested in continuing your professional development, giving you the chance VASS.

In VASS find the career that best suits your experience and knowledge but, most of all, growing your interests.
Participate in national and international art technologies surrounded by a great team of professionals. In an excellent working environment.

Benefit from a customized compensation policy based on your work experience and training plan as.

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Welcome to your future.


One of the main objectives within VASS strategy is the commitment of the company to employees, in order to provide all the resources available for professional development. The training by the company is one of them.
We have a training plan where we can distinguish two types based on our pillars:

  • Technical training (within YOU & IT)
  • Internal courses taught by expert consultants in technology VASS.
  • Official courses.
  • Technical certifications (Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, etc).
  • Masters.
  • Cross Training (YOU & Business).
  • Skills.
  • Languages ​​as required by the international and the projects in which we participate.
  • Methodology certifications (PMP, ITIL, SCRUM and other ..)
  • Training in quality, environment, equality ...

This platform combining e-learning with classroom training itself.