We define new business models by exploring new opportunities

One of the primary challenges that we find in the different sectors is reducing the obstacles that keep new actors from entering the market. The possibility of applying digitalization to various segments of the value chain for each sector makes it much easier to connect your own or a third party supply with its demand, displacing the traditional actors on each sector.

At the same time, new business models adjust to the new needs of our society, since users are demanding more and more new experiences. Again, digitalization allows us to connect distant assets with the demand for experiences and that is why currently it is not necessary to have a fleet of vehicles to be a transportation business, nor have warehouses to be an on-line store.

Today, businesses, through the transformation of the client experience, you can implement profitable business models, without any need for large investments and high access to the clients that up until now were unattainable.

At VASS, we work with our clients to create new business models, and we offer them platforms that make them viable through reduced costs and timeframes, which is crucial to turn opportunities into business.