VASS signs agreement with CONASA to sell its shareholding

VASS has announced the sale of its stake in CONASA, business consulting and integration solutions, and which VASS had 51% of its capital.

Such economic transaction, the amount has not transpired, is the total transfer company leadership to the management team led by Miguel Angel Latasa. This operation involves altering CONASA commitment in their trade relations, corporate and partnership agreements with common customers, who will continue as before was done previously.

VASS The purpose of this operation is to focus its business strategy in international development in which it is immersed since 2008 with the aim of achieving greater financial capacity and flexibility to meet new challenges in the market.

Javier Latasa, CEO of VASS "operation is part of our internationalization strategy, where we're focused right now and where we want to focus all resources and efforts of the company. To cope with this strategy need to free up resources in other regions and at this time the opportunity arose to do with CONASA ".

A business success with the support of VASS

CONASA, a company with over 25 years of experience, is a leading IT companies and covers the entire field of technology: hardware and software distribution, consulting, and outsourcing services. Leader in the northern part of the peninsula, notably in Navarre, has offices in Pamplona, ​​Zaragoza and Bilbao.

CONASA's career, from the entrance of VASS in the company in 2001, has been really excellent, from 30 employees and a turnover of 4.5 million euros this year, more than 300 employees and about 20 million euros obtained in 2012.

Miguel Angel Latasa CONASA CEO says "VASS support over the years has been very positive synergies we shared. From now on, since CONASA management team are truly committed to the development of the company, seeking and identifying opportunities to consolidate as the reference system integrator in Navarre and surrounding areas. "

VASS Group has as one of its key success to know to have the best partners and manufacturers of each of the solutions offered. And, in the case of CONASA, is certainly a regional leader, offering services related to information technology and business process management, carrying out consultancy work and outsourcing, as well as strategic alliances with some of the best partners in the market.