VASS technology aligns with the business offering a wide range of solutions

As part of its new corporate strategy, VASS Group has announced the launch of new solutions to improve business processes of organizations.

In this sense, and from now on VASS Group offers a new approach to providing IT as well as services and technology solutions aligned with business customers four key sectors: Banking and Insurance, Telco, Industry and Public Sector.

The objective of this initiative VASS is none other than help CIOs and other decision makers technological areas free of usual IT tasks, in order to direct their activities towards the contribution, aligning them with the business through solutions vertical and functional that enable flexible adoption model, a complete outsourced management and billing operations and proportional to income generated.

According to Juan Martinez, Manager of Business Technology VASS: "The technological challenge now and in the future is to offer solutions that directly address business needs, optimizing budgets and provide flexibility in the adoption. The perception of dilated time business, technology and face little usable budgets must be gone. Today VASS contributes specific solutions given in the waterline of organizations: Performance and Efficiency. Fully dumps on the client, listening to his voice and providing the information and recruitment, while eficientamos concrete operations on a short-term ROI "

Specialization in different lines of business

Given that each sector and company have some concrete needs VASS has conducted an intensive study and analysis of new technologies and products in order to anticipate the market and meet the demands of its customers.

Thus, VASS covers a number of common solutions to the Banking and Insurance, Telco, Industry and Public Sector.

    Advanced Digitized Signature: Improved user experience in procurement cost savings in mobility or the point of sale, mitigating procurement fraud.
    GEM: Platform for customer acquisition and retention of a more profitable channel.
    Ecosystem Clarive: Automation, Integration and visibility in the delivery, development and testing of software.

Furthermore, VASS also features industry-specific solutions, among which are:

    Banking and Insurance: Solution branch banking management from a unique, Digital Acceptance Contracts, comprehensive solution for adaptation to FATCA legislation, service quality assessment in the recruitment of financial products and Host Fraud Management Downsizing.

    Industry: Integrated Document Management and contextualized for SAP users, documentary Solution regulatory management of the manufacturing process, Digital Handover for deliverables in construction, solution to maximize customer satisfaction and experience with stock planning.

    Telco: B2B Solution Protocol Roaming agreements and complete, integrated platform for managing services Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO's).

    Public Sector: Comprehensive Solution PES, Solution to reduce and minimize medication incidents, intervention and cost UCIS Solution to connect physicians, patients, public health services and suppliers, and solution for the Standardization of Medical Protocols.

Full Accompaniment in the implementation process

With extensive experience in implementing large projects and technological knowledge, as an added value, VASS is responsible for the whole process of design and implementation of each of the solutions based on four pillars:

Design: Because no two companies are alike, the solution becomes unique, depending on customer needs, context and objectives.
Implementation: From design, establishing the solution compliant with the requirements of organizations.
Management: Under the premise of trust, the client can delegate full access to real-time IT and business operations.
Funding: various funding formulas for the adoption of solutions that control the budget.