Since its beginning in 1999, the VASS Group has actively participated in transforming administrations from within, offering them a complete proposal for solutions and services focused on optimizing their processes and infrastructures with a strategy that is adapted to each type of Administration.

Since 2007, when Law 11/2007 was published on the Electronic Access for Citizens to Public Services, and the current Laws 29/2015 (for the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administration) and 40/2015 (the Legal System for the Public Sector), Public Administrations are making a great effort to align themselves with the technological, economic and social contexts; which all falls within the framework of legality and the European Union.

This is a “regulatory revolution” that is followed by a technological change for all systems of information and communication.

Without a doubt, TIC is an excellent travel companion to this digital transformation within administrations, given that it is advancing its role as a public services provider, managing its resources efficiently and effectively. The transformation of society, with regards to technology, is creating a need to deeply reconsider modifications to its own internal management. Not only should modifications impact the optimization of processes and procedures, but also in the need to train professionals who are behind the scenes.

Transforming traditional administrations into the proactive administrations that society demands also requires guaranteeing access to the citizen to digital public services while keeping the same perception of said services, regardless of the channel that they are initiating the process from. All of this comes with searching for an improved experience for the citizen, regardless of their knowledge of technology.

Finally, one of the core ideas of this digital transformation is to achieve a relationship of exchange of information and seeking for synergies between Public Administrations, which allows us to offer new services that are adapted to the needs and expectations of citizens.