Our CSR plan, one of our objectives


VASS assumes Corporate Social Responsibility as a structural value in company management, with the commitment of all members of the organization to promote the achievement of great society and environmental change. With this understanding, CSR is an investment with high added value and high-impact.

We welcome the principles of the Global Compact of the United Nations, and support the implementation of such principles in the business sector, so that respect for human and labor rights, the protection of the environment and the fight against corruption are on the agenda of  social responsibility of all entities.

Our environmental policy is managed through the Integrated [        ] and leads to a new customer-oriented culture, guided towards continuous improvement, in which respect for the environment is embodied in everyday activities reflected in the reduction of waste, emissions and effluents in general, pollution prevention, thus minimizing the environmental impacts of business activities through action plans and training courses.

The reconciliation of work, family and staff is one of the most important challenges of Spanish society in the early 21st century, and VASS is involved in this commitment. After more than 10 years promoting reconciliation and equality in all company areas, we have developed programs such as “VASS Conciliation” and “We Igual.es” in order to strengthen the inner company culture, giving our team tools that enable new ways of working, and allowing them to reconcile work, family and personal life, as well as promoting the integration of and equal opportunities for socially disadvantaged groups.

VASS economic activity represents a generation of wealth that is distributed throughout society as salary payment and payment to suppliers, donations, taxes, reserves, contributions to the company, and so on. From the economic standpoint, we work for the benefits that CSR contributes to improve corporate governance in the future economic performance of the company.

Corporate social responsibility is a structural value at VASS Group, and we have held solidarity actions proposed by the workers themselves, both  nationally and internationally from very early on; these actions are funded by an annual budget of approximately 10,000 € destined for charitable projects. The proposals encompass issues related to the environment, social action (health, education …) or other initiatives. .