CRM implementations should be designed from the point of view of business and not just technology. Our approach includes automation, socialisation, measurement, mobility and customer perspective is our utmost focus.

VASS has more than 10 years of experience in CRM, and this experience has proved that CRM should be a global business strategy, beyond technological implementation.

Customer Centric

In a competitive environment like this, the market pushes companies to place customers at the center of the organisation.
We will help you identify and redirect internal processes from the point of view of the customer, from defining the strategy to the selection of the most appropriate platform.

Marketing multicanal

Es fundamental en la relación con nuestros clientes realizar campañas de fidelización, retención, captación y cross selling.
Poder realizar real time marketing, email marketing de manera sencilla, hacer marketing social, gestionar programas de puntos y gamificación son tareas gestionado y medido por canal y campaña son cruciales para tener un marketing eficaz.
Nuestro objetivo, captar y fidelizar los clientes con acciones de marketing dinámicas y efectivas.


Management tools should be accessible wherever there are collaborators.
We are experts in developing business processes accessible from mobile devices, online collaborative environments, hiring on site, lead scoring and nurturing leads.


VASS offer the possibility of real-time visibility of sales, effectively managing customers and automating sales processes, strengthening the sales force and boosting sales targets.

Care Services

VASS provide the ability to have a customer service optimised and measurable in all its aspects, with content and socialised costs being a basic tool for customer loyalty.
For more than 10 years we have worked for the care of our clients to help achieve their goals.

Social Media Monitoring

The analysis of online reputation, monitoring social networks or social profiles incorporating the client's business processes are the most important activities and are directly related to the business and branding.
We help you build your strategy through digital analysis of your business by incorporating social data on your customers and brand.