We help our clients to implement SOA solutions, BPM and Operational Intelligence to integrate"human" interaction with applications, monitor business processes and measure results for continuous improvement mechanisms.

We help you get the most out of each applicationwith BPM technologies, SOA, ESB and Operational Intelligence.


We provide BPM / BPA solutions which are oriented towards customer-specific processes through an integrated approach between processes, people and information technology.
VASS offer consulting services and automation of business process through BPM systems development.


Government Strategy Consulting and SOA.
Design of new service-oriented architectures.
Integration of the enterprise application architectures, legacy systems and other services across business areas or organizations.
Improved methodology and reuse cost optimization and scalability

Business Bus (ESB)

ESB includes: Integration Bus Implementation and data connected between suppliers and recipients of services.
Systems integration architectures developed on multiple platforms provide a highly flexible infrastructure and are highly scalable.

Operational Intelligence

Definition and construction of Operational Intelligence solutions to capture and event processing and real-time analysis provide visibility and knowledge of business activity, identifying inefficiencies, opportunities and threats.
Development and integration of dynamic rule systems for later use and update by business users.