Desde el área de Sistemas acompañamos a nuestros clientes en la mejora continua del servicio a negocio, desde el área de Calidad certificando la correcta implementación de las soluciones, garantizando la seguridad de la infraestructura desde nuestro área de Seguridad y dando soporte y asegurando el servicio reduciendo el TCO y mejorando los niveles de servicio desde el área de Explotación

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)

    In the next five years, 65% of companies will adopt MDM to address their security concerns regarding smartphones and tablets "(source: Gartner Symposium 2012)
  • Clarive

    Clarive performs automated management software lifecycle
  • Quality and testing

    VASS offers services and solutions software quality end-to-end which aims to ensure compliance with the requirements
  • Security

    The Security Business Unit VASS Corporate Intelligence, is responsible for supporting our clients in the process of analysis and management of risks affecting the business and information systems that give Media.
  • Performance Management

    At present, provide web applications, not web, mobile, streaming and cloud-based customer and employee involves a complex set of services and various levels we call "chain of distribution of applications"
  • Managed Services

    VASS provides application management both independently as unified infrastructure management, security management, monitoring management ...
  • Cloud computing

    Cloud computing allows the alignment of power in Information Systems Company with the real needs of such infrastructure based on accurate demand capabilities required by the business.
  • Virtualized infrastructure

    An important part of information systems is to achieve maximum profitability for the needs of the business. This performance is achieved in many cases through virtualization, performance optimising and adapting to the real needs of the company, ensuring lower cost of systems and management.
  • Infrastructure support and communications

    VASS work to unify hardware management, network electronics, operating systems, databases, application servers and web servers, performing service management roles for of all critical systems.