Managed Services

VASS provides application management both independently as unified infrastructure management, security management, monitoring management ...

High degree of specialization

Application management covers a wide range of technologies and a high degree of expertise in the following technologies:

  1. Content Management (Oracle, IBM, Vignette, Liferay).
  2. Document management (Documentum, Livelink, InvesDOC).
  3. CRM (Siebel, MS Dynamics).
  4. SOA (Tibco, Oracle OSB)
  5. Managers Portal (Oracle, IBM, Vignette Portal, BEA Portal, IBM Portal).
  6. J2EE business applications.

Optimizing application management get a better management of the business, based on recommendations provided to our management ITIL processes.

Applications as a Service

The current model provides the same applications as services for their business.
From managing staff or suppliers, to managing such services portals are used by the organization to carry out the achievement of objectives.
An optimization of these services allows a reduction of costs for the achievement of objectives, thus achieving greater business efficiency for the company.

continuous adaptation

In the same way that the development of applications adapt to the new needs that arise every day in business, you need to adapt their management for a total adaptation of applications to these needs.
Through analysis, capability studies, monitoring and control and continuity of applications, they are tailored to the business requirements on an ongoing and recurring.