Performance Management

At present, provide web applications, not web, mobile, streaming and cloud-based customer and employee involves a complex set of services and various levels we call "chain of distribution of applications"

The junction between the business and technology

Users access their applications via this intricate chain, which starts at a set of browsers and mobile devices, crosses the Internet, cloud services, mobile or third party providers, the corporate WAN and data center several levels. At any time and at any point, problems can arise that threaten the satisfaction of their customers, their revenue and brand loyalty:

  1. Your application or website can be loaded very slowly.
  2. An application may be displayed incorrectly in certain browsers.
  3. Transactions can slow dramatically in some locations.
  4. Errors may occur in the components of the infrastructure of your company.
  5. Partners may not fulfill their promises.
  6. An application or transaction may fail completely.

The solution
VASS Monitoring Service
Optimize application performance for its customers and employees with VASS monitoring service, based on the Gomez platform:

  1. Getting the best performance and availability for all business-critical applications.
  2. Ensure that your business critical applications work correctly for all users, networks, browsers, devices, applications and geographies infrastructure.
  3. Proactively detect problems related to application performance.
  4. Quantify and prioritize problems basing on its impact on their business.
  5. total accurately locate the source of the problem, already in their data center, network, a third party provider, a service in the cloud, Internet, a browser or device.