Virtualized infrastructure

An important part of information systems is to achieve maximum profitability for the needs of the business. This performance is achieved in many cases through virtualization, performance optimising and adapting to the real needs of the company, ensuring lower cost of systems and management.

Virtualization platform and resources

Virtualization encompasses two categories

  • Simulation platform of virtual machines. The virtualization platform saves costs byunifiying disparate heterogeneous platforms under one host system whilst achieving required performance.
  • Virtualization of applications by encapsulating them under a single package. This method allows application portability without risk to get dependency conflicts or equity of the same or another application.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is taking the concept of the end resource virtualization.
Cloud computing consists of virtualized information systems over the Internet, and getting these systems acrossvarious physical locations to distribute their resources through the network, with the user accessing them as if they were a single logical device
This technique allows a large reduction in costs and high availability.


VMWare has in recent years been the reference pointfor both of the following platforms -Virtualization VMWare Server and ESX.Desktop virtualization and associated resources can be offered through VMware vCloud, EMC Atmos or VMWare Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, with application virtualization through VMware ThinApp .
VASS are key partners of EMC and offer our clients the knowledge of a group of certified professionals across the entire range of EMC products.


Microsoft has introduced its new virtualization solution for Windows Server 2008. It contains everything needed for the commissioning of virtualization scenarios. Hyper-V can reduce costs, improve the level of utilisation of servers and create a more dynamic IT infrastructure.
VASS is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner providing consulting, implementation and management of virtualized platforms on Windows solutions.